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A Brief History of Maritime Laws

A Brief History of Maritime LawsAs with all types of laws, maritime laws will vary depending on the
particular jurisdiction. However, because of the nature of maritime
laws, they will differ on international terms from country to country.
Maritime law is usually referred to in the context of international
trading and shipping and all types of maritime commerce. 

maritime laws can prove to be more general, dealing with matters in
regards to general navigation practices as well. Because maritime laws
are usually employed the most during commercial applications, there
have been attempts to provide for a more formal and unified set of
maritime laws that have international breadth. 

The first set of rules
are first employed in the form of the Comite Maritime International,
which was founded in 1897 for the purpose of providing international
conventions. However, many of its functions have been taken over by the
International Maritime Organization, created by the United Nations in
1958.  Many of the conventions created by the International Maritime
Organization have revolved around the formation of maritime laws
regarding safety issues, such as the Safety of Life at Sea Convention
and the Standards for Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping. 

Maritime laws has more information about customary maritime laws.